Feminist Hijabi

An example of a true Muslim feminist.

I get so upset when people just assume I was forced to wear hijab. In fact, in my family, I came closer to religion first. My mother always says I was her inspiration to get closer to religion. I also get so pissed off when people judge girls who chose not to wear hijab. A few of my non hijabi friends have such a hardcore belief in Islam, it’s awe inspiring. Like Linda says, the point is choice. In the countries and families where hijab is not a choice, that’s oppression. That’s not Islam. If Islam were something to be forced, then why did the Prophet (s) let his guardian, protector, and pillar in life die a non Muslim? Islam does not need to be reformed. Muslims who do not offer a choice in religion need to be reformed.

You can keep your law degree, your engineering degree, your MD, MBA, PhD. Come back to me when you have your doctorates in humanity.

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