After a really long hiatus (really, really long, like three years long), I’m back! Yes, I know, I’ve promised this before. So why is this different from last time? Well, since I don’t have any actual solid reasoning, you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

So where have I been? What have I been up to? Thank you for asking self. Since my last post, my mother fell ill again and it got gradually worse over the course of a year, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Psychology, I got my first formal paying job with benefits, I lost my first formal paying job with benefits, I got married, I moved to Texas, I moved to Delaware, I became an English teacher, and most recently I’m back in Atlanta. Basically, life and all of its exhausting quirks.

Now that I have a bit more down time, my intention is to update this site a bit more regularly. I’ll continue with my nonfictitious thoughts, but I’ll add my fictitious ones as well. I’m kind of going back to basics now. Not as many memes, just the vomit of words that spill onto the screen during the usual hours of slumber. Hence the title change. As always, will love any and all feedback. Just be respectful, please.


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